Being a smart hiker

I’ve been hiking nearly every chance I get since 2005. In that time, I’ve learned a lot, mostly the hard way. But I’ve also taken classes, learned from mentors, read books, watched videos, attended seminars, and spent countless hours trying to improve my skills both on and off trail.

Throughout my career, I’ve been an educator. And so, I decided to combine my outdoors knowledge with my teaching skills and created a class for hikers to help them become the best they can be.

Here it is: The Smart Hiker’s Toolkit.

“But wait, hiking is just like walking, right? I don’t need to take a class.” No, you don’t. But here’s what you’ll learn:

How to improve your physical conditioning to take on longer, harder, hikes with greater ease.

How to anticipate problems before they arise.

How to pack the ten essentials.

How to choose gear like footwear, clothing and backpacks.

How to find your way using map, compass and situational awareness.

How to make sound decisions on the trail, whether you’re in a group or by yourself.

How to research and plan a trip.

How to practice Leave No Trace on every outing.

And SO, SO much more.

Developing these skills will help you have more fun on the trails while minimizing your impact on the land. You’ll learn to understand how to avoid overcrowded hot-spots and discover your own favorite places in your local landscape. You’ll feel more confident going out on your own if your friends bail last minute. You won’t get upset about surprise road construction, trail closures or unexpected issues because you’ll have a solid plan B. And you’ll become more curious about what else there is to learn about the wild spaces all around us.

I hope this class will awaken (or re-awaken) a passion for exploring the outdoors on foot. Won’t you join me?

The first workshop will be held at 6 pm PST on May 27, 2020 and broadcast over Zoom. Can’t attend? Register for the class and you’ll receive a recording in your email. There’s no reason to miss it! Register for all 5 sessions or just the ones you’d like. No matter whether you’re a brand new hiker or seasoned outdoorsperson, there will be something for you in each class. See you there.

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