The project

In late August, 2015, I came across an intriguing question on a web forum for local hikers: Does anyone have a hiking photo for every calendar day of the year? As in, one for January 1, January 2, January 3… all the way through. The photos can spread across multiple years, as long as there’s one for each date (including leap day). That would total 366 hiking photos.

I thought for sure I’d be really close. I felt that over a decade of hiking would mean I had a great shot at achieving this goal pretty quickly. After poring over old photo albums, blogs and journal entries that I was 74 days short.

Since then it has been my mission to complete the list of 366 by going hiking on all the “missing” days. Thus, the Hike366 Project was born.

Over the next few years I strove to find new hikes to add to the list. As much as I love hiking, I was sure I’d finish the project in the next year. Little did I know what challenges I would face and what things I’d learn while working on the project.

I completed the list of hikes on May 10, 2018. Right now, I’m writing a book about my experience. Once the book is finished, I will present the Hike366 album one photo, and one day, at a time.

Until then, I’ll reveal some of the lessons, challenges and surprises that occurred since I began this project.

Follow hike366 on Instagram to take part in this journey and to inspire a challenge of your own.

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Leave No Trace

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About me

Hi. My name is Jess. And I am a hiker.

My hiking obsession began after my first year of teaching. With a month of free time on my hands, I set off to re-live some childhood memories of camping in the forest. What I found there was so compelling that I dedicated most of my future weekends, vacation days and in-between times to exploring the world on foot.

Now living in Bend, Oregon, I have a different base camp from which to trek into the unknown. My travels have taken me through cities, canyons, forests, plains, deserts, coastlines, rivers, cliff faces and every other landscape you can possibly imagine.

So when I was posed with the question: have you hiked on every date in the calendar year? I was floored that I could NOT answer, yes! I’ve been diligently working at filling in the gaps.

I hope that my stories and photos encourage others to get out and explore. And for those who can’t, I hope to accurately share the moods, experiences and images so that they can feel like they were out there too.

I love talking about hiking so please feel free to contact me!